Instacart in New York

  •   Millions of customers
  •   200+ retail partners in 4,000+ stores
  •   44,000+ shoppers

Across New York, Instacart connects customers to their favorite neighborhood stores, helping individuals and families get the items they need, delivered right to their door, in as little as one hour.

    But Instacart in New York is more than just delivering items, it is:
  • Supporting shoppers with flexible earning opportunities
  • Strengthening local businesses and economies
  • Serving neighborhoods and communities

The New York Instacart Shopper Community

“I love shopping with Instacart because I can earn as much money as I need for the week and work around my kids’ schedule. The customers I have had for 4 years know me well and appreciate what I do. It’s very rewarding.”

JanineNew York Shopper

“I love how flexible shopping on the Instacart platform is. I am able to shop whenever I want and it helps to supplement my income from my full time job. Shopping allows me to provide more for my kids and my family.”

RomanNew York Shopper

Instacart is honored to serve New York shoppers,
retailers, and local communities.

Supporting our shopper community.

Instacart provides flexible earning opportunities to thousands of New York Instacart shoppers, empowering them to earn when, where, and how they choose. Instacart shoppers choose which orders they shop, and have access to resources to support them every step of the way. They can also have pay instantly deposited and always keep 100% of customer tips.

Supporting Our Shopper Community.

Boosting local economies.

Instacart supports local businesses and communities across New York by connecting brick-and-mortar retailers with new and existing customers, helping them grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive industry. By enabling customers to shop at their favorite local stores, Instacart helps New York retailers increase their sales, create jobs, and keep dollars in their communities.

Boosting local economies.

Giving back.

Instacart is committed to supporting local communities, helping make sure quality, nutritious food is accessible for all. Instacart partners with organizations like Feeding America and Food Bank for New York City to offer thousands of meals to those in need. New York families are also able to use the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or EBT/SNAP, on their orders.

Giving back.